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Omedeto Gozaimasu

“New year’s Day everything is in blossom! I feel about average” ~ Issa i. the evergreen tree still heavy with ornaments sits dark with no lights ii. the chickadees bathe in the birdbath of wild grains leave tracks in the … Continue reading

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                                      Matsuo Basho                             emptymirrorbooks.com the poem needs art … Continue reading

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New Year: 3 haiku

i. the clean page a tear`drop fallen the true word ii. the mikan severed into halves perfection iii. the song`bird follows no season for its joy Shinnen omedetou gozaimasu!

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Seven Haiku: November

i. the big yellow rat feeding at the bird feeder thinks he is a finch ii. in the trick mirror the ape gives us a big smile says i am your friend iii. the northern snow geese fly south for … Continue reading

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Three Haiku

i. one cannot be gone before she has departed or return un`gone ii. the summer salmon follows the scent of the stones she has never seen iii. the sad mourning dove now alone at the feeder forgets how to coo … Continue reading

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hoarfrost on the trees a forest of ice dancers delicate ballet

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New Year’s Haiku

frost on the railing tiny foot prints of a wren walking on crystal shinnen omedeto gozaimasu!

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rudderless faith’s ship sails to cries of mutiny and on the wind, salt

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