The Trappist

Eusebio Sempere

Eusebio Sempere

The Trappist
fasts from words
plumbing in silence
the width & breadth
the height & depth
of words’ texture
left unspoken

but in prayers
the heart to heart
dialogues with One
who like the Trappist
speaks nary a word
lest giving it voice
it finds being

We speak best
by leaving unsaid
what’s best pondered
even as we see clearest
what is beyond focus
the stars in the sky
by midday light

“Blindness made me take up the writing of poetry again.” ~ Jorge Luis Borges


About Peter Notehelfer

I'm a retired people person who now finds the time to watch the little details of the world without worrying about being watched by anyone . . . I live on an Island north of Seattle with my wife named Ellen, a yellow dog named McGee, a yellow cat named Gatzby, and four fine chickens . . . I read fiction, bake bread, smoke salmon, and fish whenever the weather allows . . . Oh, and yes, I try to write a poem every day simply to avoid senility!
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7 Responses to The Trappist

  1. I would love to reblog this piece.


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  3. Benedict and I are cheering in silent ovation

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  4. Cheryl Ruffing says:

    “We speak best / by leaving unsaid / what’s best pondered…” is a lesson I should have learned long ago, but better late than never. The words you have chosen to utter seem spot-on.


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