On Time

Tony Spineto  clubofthewaves.com

Tony Spineto

For the young
time is resistance
The weight one has to push
against in process of becoming
When you’re old enough they say
you’ll understand you’ll be able to
But one never quite understands
and one never is quite able to
Waiting is the way of life
time the resistance
for the young

For the old
time is momentum
The weight that carries one
with the current of the stream
When you were younger they say
you could dream you were able to
But the elderly no longer dream
they lie awake with memories
Reflection is a way of life
time the momentum
for the old

“Elsewhere the sky is the roof of the world;
but here the earth is the floor of the sky.” ~ Willa Cather


About Peter Notehelfer

I'm a retired people person who now finds the time to watch the little details of the world without worrying about being watched by anyone . . . I live on an Island north of Seattle with my wife named Ellen, a yellow dog named McGee, a yellow cat named Gatzby, and four fine chickens . . . I read fiction, bake bread, smoke salmon, and fish whenever the weather allows . . . Oh, and yes, I try to write a poem every day simply to avoid senility!
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2 Responses to On Time

  1. John says:

    Ahh, yes. Lean forward and plod.

    Liked by 1 person

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