On Ambition

Wassily Kandinsky phaidon.com

Wassily Kandinsky       phaidon.com

It is that which lies
just beyond the grasp
that is one’s greatest treasure
For the gold one carries in his pack
will but make his achy shoulder stoop
and in the night keep him from sleep
for fear a thief should steal it
Better by far to carry
a sunset in ones eye

Ambition craves glory
life’s most cruel mistress
whose affections come more
precious than ambition can afford
For the famous must guard reputation
lest the glamorous glory tarnished
should seek out another lover
Better far the poet’s
song yet unwritten

“No one should read self-pity or reproach
into this statement of the majesty
of God, who with such splendid irony
granted me books and blindness at one touch.”
~ Jorge Luis Borges


About Peter Notehelfer

I'm a retired people person who now finds the time to watch the little details of the world without worrying about being watched by anyone . . . I live on an Island north of Seattle with my wife named Ellen, a yellow dog named McGee, a yellow cat named Gatzby, and four fine chickens . . . I read fiction, bake bread, smoke salmon, and fish whenever the weather allows . . . Oh, and yes, I try to write a poem every day simply to avoid senility!
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One Response to On Ambition

  1. the Borges quote has me reeling


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