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August Rain

August rain isn’t like that of April driven by wild gusts bending tree limbs to their breaking turning umbrellas inside`out   August rain hangs humid on air grown oppressed with heat  Advertisements

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A Little Holiday

See the stone                        There . . . lying in the sand It’s jade, you know, from the far east washed here by waves               … Continue reading

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Beijing you shyly said in immigrant English after serving me the Mongolian Beef   Did you go to Beijing? 

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Faces of Children

toothless high forehead straight black curls sun`bleached locks above short bangs hands touching 

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Atlantic Morning

The sunrise at Sandwich Lingers almost as long as The sunset over the Sound To it belong the subtle shades Not of endings but of beginnings White hot glass turning on a steel rod In the hand of the glass blower … Continue reading

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A Summer Tree

She is a summer tree Intent on putting on blossoms Intent on yet putting on fruit Ere winter claims her   Tall for her variety Her limbs are yet so sparse Some snapped off at trunk Most pruned at twig 

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The Contours

I see the contours of the land a panorama of the hills and valleys laid our before me like a topical map the hills and the valleys all in context the streams and the damned dams standing in the flow of … Continue reading

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Cain and Abel

The hunter inside the man wears camouflage His arrows honed sharp to razor’s edge by his side along with a strung bow taut as drawn cable His hands smell of elk musk 

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Ontology: The Study of the Nature of Being

I was born a city A sprawling ghetto Bursting with immigrants The Old screaming at the New The New screaming right back In angry words learned On loading docks Or playgrounds 

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The Dead

The dead pile up In the corridors of heaven Cordwood cut for the eternal winter Stacked a hundred deep ten thousand long President surgeon hemophiliac pauper Naked in their silent womb Anthems unsung 

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Time & Freedom

Time is elastic The moment ago Stretching into one yet to be The known into the unknown Yet unknown kin of the known Free men think the future free Open to unlimited possibility But freedom is as Elastic as time 

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Oh! Ah Ha!

The world Is full of epiphanies For children & old men Each leaf a flag unfurled To hold a thousand lands Each drop of water the sea In which leviathan swims Beneath the ketch’s keel Each finch an eagle In … Continue reading

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