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These Are Days

These are days Of fast moving clouds They move in like relatives Kick up a storm & move out again Leaving stained sheets & dirty dishes But on days like this I am reminded That we’re made for bluebird days … Continue reading

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There is symmetry Built into the stairs That rarely changes An eight inch rise An eleven inch tread It’s that symmetry Keeps folks from Fallin’ down dead 

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Blessed the Dead

The nations On my desktop map Fit together seamlessly From a distance their borders Appear to be all intact The pastel of their air Uncompromised 

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The Lay of the Hand

From high above I watch the lay of the hand Tanned lying there on a snowy towel Ridges of cartilage & bone Arising landscape Carved dark here & there By darker rusty canals of old blood Coursing beneath the rime … Continue reading

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Poems of Wood

For weeks now the poems Have all been of wood Not soft scented cedar Or even acrid pitchy pine Not swirled burled maple Or sweet sandalwood No the poems have been Of balsa or cottonwood Bleached white bone dry Softer … Continue reading

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Lunar Reclipse

Yes, I did see the dove fly through the summer moon That portal to the heavens hung like a huge holiday in the sky at the light of the dawn 

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Nature’s Precision

A long string of teal Fly west along the shoreline Bodies moving as one Wings beating as one In a line straight as though Carved by a blade 

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We are born on family trees Twigs on branches on limbs Knit deep into the gnarled trunk Deeper than earth can tell in sod What no one knows is told By grain running deep in us 

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Blog Tour/Pub Crawl

Cynthia Morgan who writes frequently on the Poet’s Corner and on her blog,, asked recently if I would like to participate in what’s known as a Blog Tour. Having no idea what I was getting myself into I said … Continue reading

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Turning the Sea

If only I had a plow With which to turn the sea As once they cut sod on the prairie I’d cultivate from the deep Words I do not know 

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Words always fail us in the moment Then when the fabric suddenly tears when the soldier lays down his weapon when the mother lays her child to ground when the magnificent machines of death suddenly seize in midair & fall … Continue reading

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The World Within

We live in a decaying mansion My counterparts and I Each in his own world Each with his own friends The view toward the gardens Is precisely the same Except for the elevation We live on different floors 

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