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Leaving I’ve spent my life leaving loves hard won Forever closing out accounts the credit of which I never used You are surprised, are you? You whom I’ve left & left And still you bill me a service fee!  Advertisements

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Evening Sunlight

Is there anything like the evening sunlight Soft on the hills & the valleys turning the sea into a glass of wine and the clouds into fresh baked loaves In its glow even the lines of years recede from our … Continue reading

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Along This Beach

Along this beach all pathways are stone Millions of stones side-by-side set by a Mason long since gone yet one who returns each night to rearrange the mosaic piece-by-piece 

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Raising Issues

The farmer raises his son to till the land to feel in the soil the earth’s promise to read in the cloud the rain’s presence to see in the awn a harvest’s hour and at the dusk the worth of … Continue reading

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Tending Time

Time slips through the hour-glass moment by moment one single grain of sand at a time The sunset changing its shades of orange & pink & lilac & purple Time will not be kept in the bottle We must stand … Continue reading

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The Grain

The grain in the wood runs deeper than one would imagine The slow ebb & flow of the tide erodes the soft pulp of pleasure relieving suffering’s hard edge   Wood remembers the tree 

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When the Blossom Falls

When the blossom falls you know that spring is done It is then you expect the fruit to set given the passion of the bees Time tells all our secrets 

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On the Record

Let me speak on the record The synapses are coming unglued Day by day I now feel body mind spirit separate within the tension of time Futilely I look for my mind 

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The Music of Silence

There is music in the silence of the dawn once you get past the ringing in your ears The variously pitched voices of the people in your life whose unfinished conversations echo like stones rolling down a canyon wall 

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The clue is like a Rolek The answer was ersatz I have to confess I didn’t get it although I am certain it is right I remember ersatz coffee which was called Postum 

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Sadness Calls

Sadness calls without appointment The inconvenient visitor The cousin of happiness from out of state just passing through & wanting to connect ‘It’s been far far too long’ she says ‘since we had a good cry!’ 

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At slack tide there is a holiday in the sea’s ebb & flow A brief hiatus as it were in life’s ceaseless competition in Jacob’s relentlessness in Esau’s recklessness in Rebekah’s push in Isaac’s pull 

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