Advent Promise

From Oscar Wilde, 
				ArtistAnselm Kiefer,Drawings

The meaning
of a thing
lies not
in its memory
the flower
lying on
the headstone
of a friend
now gone
into the night

The meaning
of a thing
lies but
in the promise
of a seedling
in the ground
a blossom
in search
of its fragrance

“When I die, I will see the lining of the world.
The other side, beyond bird, mountain, sunset.
The true meaning, ready to be decoded” ~ Czeslaw Milosz

Artwork by Anselm Kiefer

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The Psalm for the Day ~ Advent III

Surely God is my salvation;
I will trust, and will not be afraid,
for the LORD GOD is my strength and my might;
he has become my salvation.

With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.

And you will say in that day:
Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name;
make known his deeds among the nations;
proclaim that his name is exalted.

Sing praises to the LORD, for he has done gloriously;
let this be known in all the earth.

Shout aloud and sing for joy, O royal Zion,
for great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel.

Isaiah 12:2-6

Artwork by Peter Lanyon

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Image result for abstract art hibernation

Like a bear
I seek a cave
to retreat into
in the darkness
of the solstice
to hide away
until spring

I can survive
on a year’s fat
images of light
dance my mind
of huckleberry
& of steelhead
stripping line

“I live in the isolated cabin of melancholy.” ~ Søren Kierkegaard

Artwork by Theodoros Stamos

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Winter Light

Image result for abstract art zen black on black

The light
is leaking
into the day
gray on gray
wintery way
of saying
            as tho
the night
is not yet
dark enough
black on black
the zen says
amounts to

“Whatever is singing
is found, awaiting the return
of whatever is lost.” ~ Wendell Berry

Artwork by David Morico

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Long Nights

Saw Whet Owl Art Print

Long nights
are for dreamers
who by daylight see
nothing but in the dark
see all what is really
worth the seeing
by the heart

Up in a tree
the saw`whet owl
skiews an eerie song
knowing the unknown
by eyes never asleep
guarding the night
as I dream

“I dream of a quiet man
who explains nothing and defends
nothing, but only knows
where the rarest wildflowers
are blooming, and who goes,
and finds that he is smiling
not by his own will.” ~ Wendell Berry

Artwork by John Parish

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A Single Candle

Image result for abstract art candle power

From 3 leagues at sea
a sailor can see the light
of a single candle in a bay`
window on a distant hill
to welcome him home

while starlight may fail
to guide his skiff ashore
that love’s light lit bright
flick’ring round its wick
will carve him a course

thru shadow to shallow
until at a dock he moors
stows his gear in a hatch
and brings her his catch
all the cod he’s caught

“By courtesy of the light
we have the beautiful shadows.” ~ Wendell Berry

Artwork by Gerhard Richter

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A Hymn for the Day ~ Advent II

Welcome the wild one, the desert declaimer,
urgently, awesomely, crying his news:
“Now, listen now! There is One who comes after!
I am unfitted to fasten his shoes.”

Camel hair coated, unkempt and unbending,
living off grasshoppers, honey and briars.
knee-deep in water, he heals the Impending
flame giving Spirit’s enveloping fires.

Hear from the herald the king who’s expected:
world ending wrath is the power he describes,
God’s own anointed, outspoken, uncensored,
judging the palace, the priests and the scribes.

See now the young one who lingers and listens,
standing intent in the buzz of the throng,
waiting in line, on the brink of decisions,
seeking the Spirit that beckons through John.

Gaspingly drenched by the people’s baptiser,
drowned in the grief of our groanings and cries,
bowing beneath God’s unfettered outsider;
rising envisioned, he opens his eyes.

Welcome God’s Love-Child, anointed, invested,
desert impelled by the Spirit within.
World-making love, shining, tempered and tested,
now is at hand – let salvation begin!

~ Brian Wren

Artwork by Mari’ Pack

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Autumn Fallout

The last of the season’s seeds
lie loose in the bottom of the drawer

autumn fallout from spring’s planting
which never quite found their places
in the garden rows now spent

What shall we do with words
left over from the year of reflections?
Deconstruct them so as to return them
to the sacks of consonants & vowels?
Words like seeds don’t keep

Toss the fallout to the wind!
God knows a flower may yet grow
Or someone lost for the right words
suddenly find the way to say I love!
A bird find strength to sing

“I never knew anyone with a passion for words
who had as much difficulty in saying things as I do.
I seldom say them in a manner I like. Each poem I think will be the last.
But something always comes up and catches my fancy” ~ Marianne Moore

Double Exposures
Camano Island Poems ~ 2011

Artwork by Catherine Jeltes

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Related image

Make room
for silence
within it
lies the gift
beyond price
by heart
wrapped in
sans crepe`
n` ribbon
biding term
in the silence
of the womb
his name
forever Joy
forever Peace
our hearts
his home

“Joy lives on silence and on incomprehensibility.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Artwork by John Cage

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Just Wondering

Goodwood Downland Dusk 59x54cm 2008 Oil on Board Estate of Peter Iden #33

I wonder
at the things
I do not know
   how blue the sea
   how rose the dusk
   how pale the oak
hour by hour
will change
in colour

I wonder
at the things
I think I know
   how rich the man
   how poor the soul
   how dark the sin
tell a lot more
on my self
than him

“I can’t walk in shoes cobbled for me.
They weren’t devised by poets but by shoemakers.” ~ Jim Harrison

Artwork by Peter Iden

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Waiting for God

We wait
for what
is not yet
but will be
if we wait
in god

A doe
of delicious
of grace

“In a blue chair in a pasture
I relearned the world.” ~ Jim Harrison

Artwork by elegantwhispers

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Watching Things Live

Image result for abstract art winter songbirds

The cold
brings birds
to the feeders
juncos finches
& chickadees
now & then
the wren

I give up
the catalog
of glitzy stuff
leave the couch
just to watch
the playful

to consider
a living show
directed by god
than cinemas
of celluloid
or paper

“The birds of winter. How I brooded
about them in my childhood. Why not fly south?
In the kingdom of birds everyone lives until they don’t” ~ Jim Harrison

Artwork by Nata Zaikina

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