On the Horizon

Wassily Kandinsky

A light flickers
on the horizon
The sea beneath
dark as sky above
The light perhaps
a low flying star
or else the ship
Advent Hope

Some look
up to heaven
for his coming
in an apocalypse
while others spy
donkeys’ trails
weaving thru

As for me
I’ll seek him
in your glances
your patient ears
and gentle words
the coming`one
who is in you
or he is not

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On Courage


~ for Sean Hannity

Some say
it takes courage
to stand against a tide
knowing waves
do deepen

strong enough to
carry the careless away
abound in the sea
in rip`tides

But I’d say
such courage may
merely mask life’s folly
in those who stay
in shallows

there where
the causes lack any
moral integrity or truth
but merely elevate

The courage
of the justly brave
is found in people who
will risk the wave
to save a life

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In the Greening

Paul Klee

Can you see
how the falling
of the maple leaves
has brought the firs
back to the woods
in the greening
of the trees

The winter
wipes the color
from`off the forest
as it paints the pines
deeper richer green
on which frost

As it snows
how fallen flakes
rest like a blanket
on evergreen limbs
giving heavy`does
a space to sleep

Can you see
in the changing
how winter’s grace
in giving and taking
is reflecting mercy
in the greening
of the trees

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On Terrorism

        Franz Ackermann         timbiskup.com

Terror comes home
if we’re not watching
a dark gift born of evil
strapped onto a chest
of a passing stranger

So we no longer look
into each other’s eyes
but always look`down
hoping not to be seen
and daring not to see

The secondary blast
catches us every time
terror’s evil gift arrives
Will you recognize me
if I do not look at you

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Advent II

Jan Richardson

We see
in the dark
shadows of what
the world’s become
once so brilliant
gone to grey
by degree

swallows all
in halls of power
on the burning hills
careers into ashes
fields to soot

We look
for the Peace
past mere words
find instead that fear
birthes mere hate
Come O Come

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On Kindness

Jean Michel Atlan

She draws
her strength
from a cistern
deep in her soul
which is where
her character
is formed

Her grace
is not of guilt
or for a reward
but is a kindness
carved in stone
older than all
her years

A spring
artesian fills
her living`well
as she fills others
with generosity
her kindness
is divine

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On Justice

Lee Bontecou

We pick them up
where we find them
waiting on the tables
working in the fields
where we find them
We pick them up

We’ll deport them
that is what we say
Send them all home
across their borders
that is what we say
We’ll deport them

But not right away
this is how it works
first we’ll house them
in our private prisons
this is how it works
But not right away

Money to be made
big profits paid for
migrants kept in cells
like dogs in the cages
real big profits paid
Money to be made

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On Perseverance

Theo van Doesburg

We were
on the shoals

our keel scraping
on the rocks
below us

Not once
the life`jackets on
flare in hand

It is fragile
this marriage
two being as one
in a culture of

So we gave
and then took
the wind changed
in a little while
got sea`legs

We’re going
near 50`years
in the same boat
a little scarred
but together

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On Choices


Regia Marinho pinterest.com

She missed the boat
       as the saying goes
marrying young when
her teachers suggested
she attend university
  But she was in love
     as the saying goes
with a sweetheart
who wouldn’t wait
impatient as young
men all incline to be
so they were married
right after graduation
  And as nature has it
     as the saying goes
the first baby came
and then the second
and then a third Upon
  which he jumped ship
     as the saying goes
running off with an
heiress who turned
out not to have had
an inheritance at all
  So at least it’s said
     as the saying goes

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On Reconciliation

Canadian Baptist Ministries

He came
from Iowa
to see his brother
dying in a hospital
both now in their 80s
not having spoken
a word since boys
on the farm
years ago

The father
gave the land
to his eldest son
as was the custom
Rite of primogeniture
leaving the younger
nothing else to do
but to move on

He came
from Iowa
to see his brother
To sit at his bedside
in the twilight of the day
making peace at last
over the wounds
brought by
the years

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On Conscience

Jacob Lawrence

Was the time
he’d have thot
to give her his seat
on the subway
at rush`hour

She was worn
out by her day
her big belly heavy
with pregnancy
near to term

Shoes worn
down at heels
the food`bank bags
dangling from
puffy hands

He can’t see
her anymore
as he drives to work
in a Mercedes
on weekdays

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Advent I

Jan Richardson

We wait
What else
can we do?
The darkness
of the times
creeps in
upon us

us in fears
of isolation
Of alienation
from others
Even from

We wait
What else
can we do?
Perhaps light
a candle in
a window
and pray

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